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Help the Ark of the World
Wanting to help in difficult moments we all spend decided to offer the 0.5% of the revenues from our sales through our intenet in the institution's Ark World.

For this important work offers and general requirements that have this foundation, please visit the official website at 
We only mention that it is catering to 300 children a day, so you understand the daily costs are, besides other activities to do.

If you want to help but still above their work is very important, we quote from their page elements to help them as you can.
Always keep in mind that if we all do not help such efforts as we can, even slightly, with money or volunteer work then there could be no such remarkable efforts and the world will become increasingly worse.

Offers Love

Bank Account

EUROBANK: 0026 0178 870100 872073

IBAN: GR3702 60 178 0000 8701 0087 2073

SWIFT / BIC: EFGBGRAA (for overseas)
Piraeus: 5023 - 032595-870
IBAN: GR38 0172 0230 0050 2303 2595 870
After each offer, please contact us (Ark of the world) 210 5141935 (9:00 am-5: 00pm) to confirm the details of the donor, for the issuance and mailing of the relevant document collection.
Numbers Tilevoitheias.
Enhance our purpose by calling the following numbers

14849 2,46 € / call (including VAT) from all fixed and mobile telephony.
54232 2,46 € / sms (including VAT) from all mobile networks.
901 11 170 170 3,67 € / call (including VAT-only network within OTE)
Thank you very much! 

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