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Terms of Use


Terms of shipment.
There are different ways of shipment according to the product.
In Attica, you receive your order the next working day, whether the product is available in our storage. In other case, we will contact you to inform you for the requisite time of shipment.
The delivery will take place at the address you will indicate us.
The deliveries will take place on working days between 10.00 – 16.00, after the contact that the associate shipping company will make with the client to appoint the exact delivery time.
  • The shipments will take place through shipping companies or agencies or any other way its possible. In case the customer prefers a certain way, he must inforn us.

The customer will incur expenses of the shipment. A. Hellas will make sure that you will hane the best prices, wherefore you will be informed and agreed to. 


You can pay up your order with the following ways:

1.       Mail Order. You pay up your order to the deliverers of the shipping company or at the time of delivery by us.(There are products that should be paid at the time of the order).  
2.       Deposit in a bank account. You can pay up your order at the following bank account: ΑLPHA BANK: ΙBAN: GR07 0140 1060 1060 0210 1054 940 
3.Payments with Credits Cards Throuth Paypal.                                                                                                                                                                   
It would be preferable before you make the deposit to have a contact and inform you about the availability of the product, the shipment cost and anything that you need.  
Terms of return
Return of products can take place within ten days from the date which is refered on the voucher. The product must be in the original package and not used.
If the product is not our production, the return can be accepted only if the supplier agrees.  
In no case the money are returned. Your account will be accredited.
In any case you are informed by e-mail.

Return procedure

1.       You send us an e-mail and you tell us the product and the reason you want to return it.
2.       You are waiting for our response.
3.       You put the product in its package (if there is one), in a way tha it will be safe while it is shipped. Finally you are returning the product with the shipping company that we will arrange. The customer will incur the return expenses.
We have the right to decline the return if there is a reason.

Limitation of Responsibility, does not give any guaranty concerning the availability of the products and the change of the prices. At the contrary guarantees the timely update of the consumers concerning the availability. The producers are responsible for the guaranties. A.Hellas can only assist to this.



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